We understand how critical it is that your website communicates your message your way. Although we live in the global village, it’s important to remember that what works for one country won’t necessarily work elsewhere. Simple word-for-word translation isn’t always enough. If the style and tone aren’t right for the local market, you’ve lost their business. A quirky, laid-back tone designed for the UK market could create a negative impression in, say, China.

Peter, Pierre or Piotr?

On top of style you need to consider localisation of content for the target market. If your readers can’t relate to your text, they will go elsewhere. Unfamiliar references or names may alienate your potential client. It may be as simple as changing a name, brand or idiom to one they’ve heard of; it may be modifying a scenario to fit in with a local custom.

Together with Dialogue’s team of creative localisation experts, we will get to understand your marketing translation objectives, your corporate tone/style, target age group, branding and so on. We will use this to draft a proposal that matches your exact needs. It needn’t be daunting or complex – leave it to our experts. We can even translate straight into your CMS to save extra work your end.

May we offer some advice? Ensure your localisation strategy considers multilingual SEO from the start to ensure your efforts aren’t wasted when the search engines rank your web pages.

Three top reasons you should localise your website

Web users stay twice as long on a page if it is in their own language

Your potential customers are 4 times more likely to purchase from a site that is translated into their language

Over 70% of the world speak a native language other than English

Of course it’s not only your website that needs consideration. If you’re exporting into new markets, you need to ensure that your branding and marketing material is as attractive and as persuasive as the original. This is more about creative transcreation – the art of adapting marketing messages to hit the right note in your target markets. Dialogue’s qualified linguists and copywriters are experienced in the creative adaptation of ad copy. We translate and transcreate newsletters, blogs, brochures, flyers, and websites.

"Dialogue's work is always accurate and on time. We are delighted with their localisation of our European websites!"Energizer

Why you can place your trust in us

  • Constant client interaction & feedback – your requirements carried out your way
  • Rigorous QA, adhering to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17100:2015 standards
  • ITI corporate membership ensures our deliveries meet high industry standards
  • Strict translator recruitment processes including testing, references and monitoring/feedback
  • Using only professional linguists with extensive specialist experience
  • Use of translation memory tools to ensure consistency and cost-effectiveness