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Through language training, translation, interpreting and cross-cultural coaching we help business people achieve international expansion, improve cross-border relations, and enhance their international reputation. Here at Dialogue we’re much more than talk.


Whether by real or virtual means, crossing the globe is getting easier and quicker. We need to share our ideas, products and our services through a common tongue with our friends, our colleagues and our clients. Dialogue works successfully with a multitude of international companies because we offer flexibility, the ability to listen to our clients’ needs and to provide solutions that are effective, financially viable and delivered by experts. We do this by never losing sight of our professionalism, creativity and humanity.

And because we care about the outcome we always go that extra mile – or of course, kilometre.

“Over the years Dialogue has provided a fast and professional translation service, allowing us to support generating set customers worldwide.” - Honda

“Dialogue's work is always accurate and on time. We are delighted with their localisation of our European websites!” - Energizer

“We are delighted with Dialogue's approach, professionalism and attention to detail for each local market.” - Silver Cross

“The Dialogue team were extremely responsive to our request, asked smart questions to ensure they had a clear understanding of the technical nature of the material and were very flexible.” - Enterprise

“For my part, I did not cherish the idea of returning to the classroom after a break of over 30 years, but you have shown me that our French lessons can be fun, relevant to my needs and above all effective.” - Thales

“Dialogue always provides top quality translations, delivers within our demanding timeframes, as well as being friendly and helpful during the process.” - Herman Miller

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